Math in Real Life

Have you ever had a student ask, “When are we going to use that math in real life?” As educators, we may struggle to show kids how what they are learning in class has real life implications. Designing lessons that show how math is used in real life can be challenging when teachers lack exposure to the on-the-ground work associated with the high-wage, high demand jobs in our region: Healthcare, Advance Manufacturing, Information & Technology, and Construction & Infrastructure. Check out the resources below to help you show students what math in real life looks like.

Paid Teacher Externships

Externships are opportunities for groups of teachers to see firsthand how math is used in local businesses and industries. By seeing and experiencing authentic workplace applications of mathematics, teachers are better able to help students connect “classroom math” to real-world, applied math. Externships usually provide a variety of experiences during which teachers would learn useful new ways to apply mathematics and may provide an opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with one or more industry partners. Externships take place in the summer (usually July/August) and involve approximately 6 hours that includes an orientation, 4-5 hours on-site, and concludes with an opportunity to reflect with other educators on what and how to apply this experience to your professional practice.

Would you like to take part in a Career Connected Learning Externship? We have slots available for summer 2019! If you are interested, please click on the button to apply now.

Curriculum Resources

Over the past several years, educators across the region have participated in the Math in Real Life collaborative professional development opportunity where middle and high school teachers participated in externships and worked together to develop, test, and refine highly relevant applied math lessons for students. Check out the lessons, units, and activities they developed here.