ngss chemistry curriculum


This lab-based course covers the foundational principles of modern chemistry as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The course is framed around the themes of patterns as well as energy and matter. In addition to the focus on the NGSS chemistry science content, scientific practices, engineering design, and social justice are emphasized throughout the course.  Course content will include the structures of atoms and compounds, the Periodic Table of the Elements, chemical reactions and physical changes, gases, solutions, acids and bases, chemical quantities, kinetic theory, and thermodynamics. Content and skills learned in NGSS Physics is built upon. Critical thinking, data analysis, and argumentation from evidence are also emphasized.



Unit 1 - Kinetic Molecular Theory (KMT)

Unit 2 - Nuclear Change

Unit 3 - Elements & the Periodic Table

Unit 4 - Bonding & Compounds

Unit 5 - Chemical Reactions & Energy

Unit 6 - Stoichiometry of Climate Change

Unit 7 - Reaction Rates & Equilibrium

Unit 8 - Final Project on Climate Justice