Bonding & COMpounds

Unit 4 Overview

In the Bonding and Compounds unit, students will learn about bonding and compounds through the phenomena of making candy. Students begin by looking at the properties of different candies to generate questions that need to be answered. They then investigate ionic, covalent and metallic substances to look for differences in their properties. They use their knowledge of electronegativity to get create definitions of bonding. Once the bonds have been defined, they delve into them deeper. For ionic bonds, they work on writing and naming formulas. For covalent bonds they investigate properties of polar and nonpolar substances. They build on this by looking at the shapes of molecules that are polar and nonpolar. This allows them to predict what kind of properties substances will have based on their elements and structure.

updated unit 4 daily activities

  • Day 1 & 2 - Bonding Lab

  • Day 3 - Ionic Compounds

  • Day 4 - Cleaning stains: Covalent compound lab

  • Day 5 - Lewis Structures for covalent bonding

  • Day 6 - Bonding, geometry, and properties

  • Day 7 - Bonding Review

  • Day 8 - Assessment (click here to request access to this folder. Please note you will need to verify that you are teacher who completed the summer course)

  • Day 9 - Consumer Products Project