chemical Reactions

Unit 5 Overview

The second semester of the year starts with applications of the chemistry they have learned first semester. In this unit, students continue the work started in the first semester by looking at the science of climate change and are introduced to climate justice. Students then explore the different kinds of chemical reactions that cause pollutants (including greenhouse gases). They discover patterns in the products of these reactions and relate them to electronegativity differences and differences in bond strengths. They then use these patterns to predict the products of reactions. Students explore the basics of stoichiometry to look at the energy involved in these reactions (moles and balancing equations) to prepare them to understand the amount of energy given off in a reaction. The unit ends with a lab comparing different fuels’ energy capacity.

updated unit 5 daily activities

  • Day 1 & 2 - Climate Justice

  • Day 1 - Types of reactions

  • Day 2 & 3 - “What goes together” Lab

  • Day 4 - Energy of breaking bonds

  • Day 5 - What is a mole?

  • Day 6 - Balancing equations

  • Day 7 - Energy of a reaction

  • Day 8 - Review & Assessment (click here to request access to this folder. Please note you will need to verify that you are a teacher who completed the summer course)

  • Day 9 & 10 - Fuel Comparison lab