Stoichiometry of Climate Change

Unit 6 Overview (overview coming Feb 2020)

Students review conversions and use these conversions to answer questions about which fuels produce the most energy and least pollutants per gram of substance. Students continue to practice their stoiciometry skills throughout the unit. The unit culminates with students engineering a hot/cold pack.

Updated Unit 6 Daily Activities

  • Day 1 - Anchoring event: How do I make the biggest explosion?

  • Day 2 - Review conversions and introduce new ones

  • Day 3 - Micromole rockets

  • Day 4 - Modeling two step conversions: Which fuel makes the most CO2?

  • Day 5 - Practicing two step conversions: How many grams does it take to light a bulb?

  • Day 6 & 7 - Target stoichiometry lab

  • Day 8 - Review

  • Day 9 - Review & Assessment (click here to request access to this folder. Please note you will need to verify that you are a teacher who completed the summer course)

  • Day 10 - Hot/Cold Pack Engineering