Reaction Rates

Unit 5 Overview

The second semester of the year starts with an introduction to Climate Justice (Unit 8). Students will be using a climate justice lens at the end of the year as their final project. Students are introduced to climate justice and the final project prior to launching unit 5 - Reaction Rates. For the overview of the culminating unit, please see this document.

For an overview of the learning targets, essential questions, and other information, please see this document.

Day by Day

Day 1 & 2 (Unit 8)- Climate Justice

Day 1 (Unit 5) - Types of Reactions

Day 2 & 3 (Unit 5) - What goes together Lab

Day 4 (Unit 5) - Balancing Equations

Day 5 (Unit 5) - What is a Mole

Day 6 (Unit 5) - Micro mole rockets

Day 7 & 8 (Unit 5) - Target Stoichiometry

Day 9 (Unit 5) - Review & Assessment (click here to request access to this folder. Please note you will need to verify that you are teacher who completed the summer course)

Day 10 (Unit 5) - Fuel Comparison