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Chemistry for the Next Generation (Session 1)

Date & Time: July 16-20 (8:30am – 3:30pm)
Location: School of Science & Technology, Beaverton
Grade Level: High School
Audience: High School Educators
Course Fee: $500
Optional Graduate Credit: We are in the process of finalizing optional graduate credit

Instructors: Jomae Sica and Andrea Leech

Contacts for Course Information: and Andrea Leach
Contact for Registration: or voice mail (503) 294-7428

This course focuses on three-dimensional (3D) learning through intertwining the disciplinary core ideas of chemistry with the science practices and crosscutting concepts as described in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Teachers experience the patterns approach of using inquiry experiments as a mode to learn content and then apply what they have learned in an engineering design tasks. The mathematical patterns of linear and inverse will be reinforced in addition to introducing exponential decay and logarithmic patterns. Teachers will also learn how to structure their inquiry investigations with multiple designs to foster scientific discourse between students during the analysis of their data. Students will use technology to collect data and analyze data as well as use data mines and simulations when direct observation or collection of data is not possible.

Course Cancellation Policy:

  • There is a $15 cancellation fee.

  • If the cancellation is between 8 and 14 days before the class begins, 75% of your registration fee will be refunded.

  • If the cancellation is 7 days or less before the class begins, we are unable to issue a refund.