Career-Connected Learning in High School Science

PMSP  received $225,000 in funding from the Oregon Community Foundation (Oracle settlement funds) to embed career connected learning opportunities into the Patterns High School Science Courses being implemented around our region. The courses already utilize common instructional strategies, real-world phenomena, and engineering design challenges to engage students with a practical, experiential approach to instruction. The OCF project will start with Patterns Physics; nearly all freshman students in Beaverton School District, Hillsboro School District, and Portland Public Schools take this course. To our knowledge, this is the only high school science curriculum aligned to Next Generation Science Standards that is reaching approximately 20% of the state’s high school students.

This OCF project presents a unique opportunity to leverage core science content to spark student career and career pathway interests.  This brings science departments and CTE Programs together with regional industry/workforce partners, and colleges. For more on the OCF funding, check out this article.